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Physical Exam

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Annual physical exams are essential for a long and healthy life. Routine checkups can alert you to underlying medical issues and educate you on nutrition, exercise, and prevention. At Xpress Med Urgent Care in Springfield, Massachusetts, urgent care physician Mansoor Zaidi, MD, and the team offer physical exams to people of all ages. Whether you recently moved to the area and need to establish care or you’ve simply put off a physical for the last few years, the team can help. Call Xpress Med Urgent Care today to schedule a physical exam or book your appointment online.

Physical Exam Q&A

Is a physical exam necessary if I feel healthy?

Yes. Routine physical exams are one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your health. Many chronic conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes, develop slowly or present few symptoms, so you might be at risk and not know it. 

Regular visits to Xpress Med Urgent Care provide peace of mind and make it easy to prevent potentially serious medical conditions from worsening. 

What can I expect at a physical exam?

The Xpress Med Urgent Care team tailors your physical exam to your goals and medical history. Still, most physicals follow a similar blueprint, including:

Step one: Check your vital signs

Your Xpress Med Urgent Care provider weighs and measures you, checks your blood pressure, listens to your heart and respiratory rate, and tests your reflexes. Let them know if you have abnormal symptoms, like a rapid heartbeat or difficulty breathing.

Step two: Head-to-toe exam

Your provider completes a comprehensive physical exam. They examine your eyes, ears, nose, and throat; gently palpate your abdomen to assess the size and location of your internal organs; test your muscle strength and flexibility; and order lab work, including blood tests and urinalysis.

Step three: Sex-specific screenings

Next, your provider completes sex-specific screenings, like a Pap smear and breast exam or a prostate and testicular exam. These measures can alert you to certain types of cancer, like cervical, breast, and prostate cancer. 

Step four: Vaccine administration

Vaccines are administered on a regular schedule. You get most vaccines during childhood and adolescence, but certain immunizations require boosters or annual administration. For example, your provider might recommend a seasonal flu shot or a COVID-19 booster.

Step five: Prescription recommendations or refills

Last, your provider reviews the medications, supplements, and vitamins you take. They can authorize a refill if you’re running low on a certain prescription. Likewise, if a medication isn’t working as well as it used to, they can recommend alternatives. 

What can I expect at the end of a physical exam?

At the end of a physical exam, your provider gives you the lab work results and fills out any paperwork you need to submit to your employer. They also alert you to potential concerns and make recommendations to help you prevent them from worsening.

Call Xpress Med Urgent Care today to schedule a physical exam, or book your appointment online.