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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care services offered in Springfield, MA

Routine pediatric care appointments reduce your child’s risk of illness and ensure that they meet all of their growth and developmental milestones. At Xpress Med Urgent Care in Springfield, Massachusetts, experienced urgent care physician Mansoor Zaidi, MD, and the team offer pediatric care to kids of all ages, from infants and toddlers to tweens and teens. Call Xpress Med Urgent Care today to schedule pediatric care for your child, or book an appointment online.

Pediatric Care Q&A

Why is pediatric care so important?

Children might look like miniature adults but have unique health care needs that only a qualified specialist can provide.

The pediatricians at Xpress Med Urgent Care have extensive training in diagnosing and treating common childhood health problems. They know how to monitor your child’s growth and development and can alert you to issues that require more specialized care. 

What services does pediatric care provide?

The Xpress Med Urgent Care team offers various pediatric care services, including:

Well-child exams

A well-child exam assesses your child’s physical and mental health. It presents an opportunity to ask their pediatrician questions and to identify potential issues that might lead to health problems in the future. 

Sick visits

A sick visit is a pediatric checkup that focuses on specific symptoms, like a persistent cough or a sore throat. During a sick visit, your child’s pediatrician completes an exam and orders lab tests to make a diagnosis and determine the best type of treatment. 

Immunizations (vaccines)

Immunizations train your child’s immune system to identify harmful invaders, like bacteria and viruses. Childhood vaccines are particularly important because they bolster your child’s immune system when they’re most at risk of catching contagious illnesses.

Urgent care

Urgent care promptly treats acute injuries and illnesses, like cuts that won’t stop bleeding and COVID-19. The team offers onsite X-rays to confirm if your child has broken a bone or twisted an ankle. The Xpress Med Urgent Care team always makes time for same-day pediatric urgent care visits. 

Specialist referrals

The Xpress Med Urgent Care team diagnoses and treats most acute and chronic health problems, but if your child needs more individualized care, the team can refer them to specialists in the area.

Prescription medication

Certain health problems, like Type 1 diabetes and strep throat, require prescription medication. The pediatricians at Xpress Med Urgent Care regularly prescribe and refill prescriptions for children and teens.

How often does my child need pediatric care?

Schedule pediatric care for your child at least once a year at Xpress Med Urgent Care. Regular visits to a qualified pediatrician can alert you to potentially serious issues and help your child live a healthy and active lifestyle. It can also reduce doctor-related anxiety and help your child build a relationship with their physician.

Call Xpress Med Urgent Care today to schedule a pediatric care appointment for your child, or book online.